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A Precious baby in my arms,
My tiny little brother,
Many times I felt as though
I really was your mother.

Your tiny body, four small pounds,
Already knew abuse.
Mother's ways were strange, indeed
with meaning so obtuse.

But still you came to share our days
in stormy atmosphere.
Your sweet soft disposition, Rex
Was why you were so dear.

So let me sing a lullaby
and listen from above.
I hope you hear the songs you missed
When needing mother's love.

My golden baby - curly locks
And one slightly crooked tooth,
I sing to give you kisses that
Were missing in your youth.

Let me soothe your crying now;
The salve I gently spread.
I wish you could have known this love
When you were put to bed.

A comic boy, you humored us
With all your funny faces!
You helped us through our childhood days
And lavished your embraces.

You always let us fuss with you
And put you in silly clothes.
You gave us so much happiness,
When we were in Hell's throes.

Your gifts of laughter lifted us,
and got us through the day.
When we were hiding from the folks,
You still could make us play!

I raised you like you were my own
When I was just a child.
Your nature was so comforting,
So gentle and so mild.

And then one day the babe was gone;
You grew to be a man.
You dealt with life's brutality
Much better than most can.

Your parting came so suddenly,
We couldn't bear the pain.
A drunken driver hit your bike;
Our sunshine turned to rain.

Your life was just beginning, too!
You made us all so proud.
The better days were still ahead
When covered by that cloud.

Unconsciously you laid in sleep
Resisting death's sure call.
I sat and read and talked to you;
Those days I still recall.

I begged you for acknowledgement
And breathed a hopeless sigh.
But then I swear I saw this, Rex,
You tried to blink your eye!

Those last few months were so bizarre,
Just like when you were born.
Your battered body knew no peace,
And this is what I mourn.

So now you've reached your resting place;
Your suffering finally ends.
I hope you can forgive and that
Your heart so broken, mends.

So sleep, my baby, close your eyes
And dream of happy things.
Be comforted by all the love
Your sister's lullaby brings.

To my dear brother, Rex - You WILL know love one day.
I will always cherish you.  I miss you terribly.
... Your Sister, Dianne






Midi: "Papillion, the Butterfly" by Bruce DeBoer - Used with permission.
Visit his site to sample his Music of Love.