. Bob Schwald   Born: December 28, 1956
Died: November 2, 2000

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There's always something brewing When Bobby is around.
He's full of fun and magic. Just hear the party sounds!

His genius mind is working to think up some new trick.
It won't take long to reckon this country boy's no hick!

He's handsome and magnetic; his many fans atest.
He'll stun you with his wisdom when he is at his best.

And yet so many heartaches lie deep within this man.
His soul has been demolished in every way it can.

His body and emotions were battered as a boy.
I wonder how he managed to find a scrap of joy.

And yet his heart was tender though sadness ruled his days.
I always have to marvel at his undaunted ways.

Adventurous in spirit, he walked the razor's edge.
He often ran in places where angels fear to tread.

But even magic dragons eventually burn out.
His days were sorely numbered; there isn't any doubt.

His wit was like quicksilver; his temper just as fast.
His full tilt way of living was never meant to last.

No way to fight his demons; impossible to win,
He sought relief by feeding his love of heroin.

I hear his declaration the final of his nights:
"And now the party's over; someone turn out the lights."

For Bobby with love and admiration
From Dianne - February, 2002

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