The Lioness - a poem by Dianne Ameshe  Lioness was sleeping 

When you sneaked into her lair ~ 
You found her empty heart 
and left your essence there. 

You filled her den with vapor, 
elixir strong and sweet. 
Enticements and surprises 
you placed beneath her feet 

When she (Herself) awakened 
to see the morning light 
she stumbled on your presents 
and giggled with delight ! 

Who was this secret Dveller 
the mystery of night? 
A Prince of myrth and magic 
who vanishes from sight .... 

The vapor of this stranger 
still lingers  in the air 
eternal love - elixir 
to stain the Lady's lair .... 

Illusionary rapture :
Alas, but just a dream
Our fantasies examined 
are never what they seem

What is the sacred meaning... 
These 'presents'  that I keep? 
They are forever with me 
and haunt me when I sleep. 

A poem written for my 'virtual' Russian Lover
for Vitaly by Dee...11-11-99

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