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A quiet, docile baby, the third of five young girls,
Jeannie was the fairest one with soft dishwater curls.

She loved her little "blankey" held snug beneath her chin.
She really didn't say that much, But gave you her shy grin.

Her eyes would look right through you; she didn't trust a soul.
For such a gentle little child, her mind was very old.

The hand that life had dealt her was difficult to play.
She wandered down so many roads, and somehow lost her way.

Though she was bright and pretty, she wasn't fairly groomed.
Successes didn't mean a thing; her tender life was doomed.

She had to numb her heartaches; so many things she tried.
But still a lass in '98, with one last fling, she died.

Her sister sat beside her while Jeanne fought for breath.
But while we tried to save her life, she lost her fight with death.

That day has never faded, it's in my mind so clear.
The telephone was in my hand, her gasping in my ear.

Jan asked me if I wanted to say a last good-bye.
But suddenly my thoughts were gone - all I could do was cry.

I only had one message, a prayerful last request:
"I want you to be happy, Jeanne, and finally find rest."

The next few days were gloomy as we blew our final kiss.
I went to see my psychic friend to ask about my sis.

I had to know she made it; such worries filled my head.
I asked if she was safe at "home" and this is what he said:

"Your sister knows you love her, she wants you to be sure.
She's safe and sound in comfort now; at last she is secure."

He said she had a message, he closed his eyes to see.
It made me feel so privileged that she would speak to me!

I knew this was my sister, for when I heard this part:
"Dianne, I am SO HAPPY here!" ... great peace came to my heart.

To Jeanne with all my love
From Dianne - Feb 20, 2002


Midi performed by Margi Harrell - Used with permission
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