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My sister has a wondrous garden where magical beauty abounds!
She created a mini paradise from once neglected ground.

This garden, oh so stunning, was made with loving care.
When Janet needs tranquility, You'll find her resting there.

Affording her a respite from all that's on her mind,
relaxing in her garden she leaves her cares behind.

But there's a little secret I'm going to share with you.
So many see her garden, and leave without a clue.

My sister is a healer; she gives you tender care.
When someone's health is failing, Be sure that she'll be there.

I know this for a fact, you see 'cause I'm the lucky one
who finds myself receiving her blessings one by one.

A jester, helper, sister, friend, but she is so much more!
She'll take a broken, weary soul and make it strong once more.

If I tried to list her virtues here, for days and days I'd write.
But what I cherish most about my sis? Her abundance of insight.

A fool would never notice the depth of Janet's soul.
But those of us who know her well, will let the truth be told.

This is a special lady - witty, pretty, and bright.
Look closely at her garden and you will see her light.

Courageous, strong, and gentle, with such a loving touch.
Jan, I hope you'll always know we love you oh, so much!

January, 2002 - Happy Birthday, Janet!    

Janet Lynn Raynarose:
This poem speaks for our father, all of your brothers and sisters, and all those who love you - many of whom you don't even know.  Your tender care as a nurse for over three decades, and your nurturing of everyone you know ... we are grateful to you for who you are, what you are, and who you help us to be.   ... From your loving sis, Dianne


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