poetry by Dianne Ames


I'm really not myself, you see.
This you could say, is an "off day".
I'll try to pull myself together tomorrow
But for now, please just go away.

I'm sick and tired of dragging my ass
My feet are made of brick.
I know I'm not too well, just look at me!
Don't you think I must be sick?

poetry by Dianne Ames

Shit! What in the hell is wrong with me?
Everything is just too damn hard.
Look, my clothes are even on backwards;
God, I feel like such a retard.

So hey, will you do me just one favor -
Keep the secret, don't betray ...
Don't let them know how undone I am;
Just make them go away.

poetry by Dianne Ames

I think I'll go to bed now
How long? I cannot say.
It might be hours, it could be months;
Try calling in a few days.

Don't make me laugh, don't make me eat

I only want to die or sleep.
It's better than my time awake
'Cuz all I seem to do is weep.

poetry by Dianne Ames

So if you really care about me,
Please mention me when you pray.
I'll try to stand up later on,
But for now,

Just - go - away.


D. Ames - 12/2001

poetry by Dianne Ames       poetry by Dianne Ames
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