A collection of poems dedicated to CB

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Your Eyes

I so want to lie
with you
for hours and hours
and stare
into the windows
of your eyes.

I know they will
take me
to far away places,
nether-worlds unexplored
and mysteries
that remain so.

Glaze, you say?
and foreboding
refusing admittance
into a matrix
of riddles.

The lure, the lure;
beacons that beckon
a hungry soul
to taste
the exotic sinew
of life embraced.

It's good to fear
the aftertaste;
all the more
to explore
and learn.

A belly full,
momentary relief
from the hunger
to touch, to taste,
Only to return
for more.

- top -


Have you gone to bed?
Tomorrow's dread
is nothing more
than a dream

From ashes the phoenix
again will rise
to find new film
upon the eyes
of time.

Homeward, homeward;
a journey's end
seems more palatable
than the "gifts" that Terra
soon will send.

- top -

Sonnet for Persephone

[ See Note ]

Come, my muse
and dine with me
if you dare
to taste
my ware.

Prepared for you
an hour ago,
in a secret cove
by masters
of the rare.

The table set
with finery
and lace -
a place
fit for a queen.

Upon your plate
a single seed;
a droplet of
the pomegranate
for Hell is what
you've seen.

- top -

D. .....  Feb. 2002



Persephone, daughter of Zeus, mediates between two worlds and becomes the conductor of souls through sacrifice, the death of the self, and the descent into the Underworld.  Thus begins the process of individuation, which involves the transcendence of the ego.  As she mediates between two worlds, she is initiated into the elemental mysteries of the conscious and the unconscious.