I can live without hearing you say you love me,
as long as I can pretend
And I can go on hoping you'll love me
Until the very end.

At least I always told myself
I'd love you for all time
Until I heard her say she loved me
And wanted to be mine.

So now comes days of torment
And nights with zero sleep
But I just can't forget about you
And my baby only weeps.

She's all I ever wanted
A dream, a dream come true
For all her love and beauty,
she just ain't you.

I know my leaving hurts you,
a little love is gone
And you'll have no problem doing without me
I was never the only one.

Just go on having fun I spend my time remembering
and wondering what could never be
And I thank the Lord for His mercy
that brought my baby to me.

I've kept a terrible secret, Iv'e never told a soul
No one ever found out I was the one
All those loveless years you forced me to endure,
they ended with a gun.

You always thought you were invincible
You never suffered pain
and that was true to the very end
But it all ended With a bullet to the brain.

By Bob Schwald - 2000




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Midi: "Precious" - @David Folsom - used with his permission

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