Bob Schwald - Poetry

[ My Mother's Heart ]     { She Never Learned ]

Sometimes I can feel my heart breaking
A little at a time.
I feel the pieces falling apart
I know the pain is mine.

But the reasons for the helplessness
Are all too familiar to me
And my heartache is on the inside
But my tears are for you to see.

I don't hurt for the inflictions heaped upon myself
It's for the things I can't control;
It's for the pain I see in you
The hurt that is yours alone.

I wish I could carry your misery
Your burdens, pain and sorrow.
But no matter how much I pray each night
They always remain yours tomorrow.

I ask the Lord, no, I beg of Him
To ease your suffering heart.
But when you sob and your tears fall
I know my own are soon to start.

So please try to understand, when everthing feels so bad
That I'll be waiting at your side
And when you see me hurting, Mom
I'll not be ashamed of the feelings I cannot hide.


May 2, 2000
I love you Ma. I really mean these things.
I love you...Bobby




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