I will never bore you, my love,
that is for sure!
I bring you lots of surprises ~
Not one face, but two
and for each,
A veritable cornucopia
of moods
to keep you awake.

Did you notice?

My messages are puzzles
Just like me.
Can you read between the lines?
Did you find the cryptic message
I left for you
under a bar of soap
in the shower?

You are learning!

I can only give you clues
and fragments and hints;
I must allude and intimate
my actual cries
because my soul
is too fragile
to expose outright.

Imagine -

The wind can bruise me,
a harsh sound
will freeze my thoughts
and the mere threat
of rejection
will pulverize my being.

Do you think I am too sensitive?

What can I do
to soften a breeze?
to quiet the silence?
to anchor my soul?
Who can count the phases
of the moon?
or the subtle changes
in atmosphere
that comes with a storm?
Who can discern the tones
in a cry
of a woman travailing in birth
or a child
afraid in the night?

Just tell me you love me

again and again
Your words are my mainstay,
my ledge on the cliff;
the rock that keeps me
from falling
and falling
and falling

please ... tell me again

   Dee - Las Vegas