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Sister Moon, my comforter
my beacon in the sky,
You follow me so faithfully
and watch my days go by.

Heavenly reflector, you see
Into my mind's eye.
You know the secrets of my soul;
you feel the tears I cry.

I look to you - companion, friend
My heart to you I bear.
My silent longings I reveal;
You wait to hear me share.

So once again, please shine on me
and drench me with your light.
Illuminate me while we sit
surrounded by the night.

As children of the universse,
in oneness we will blend
And when tomorrow morning breaks
The wounds of life will mend.

I wait in silence now as you
unite with me in prayer
to show me mysteries unknown
and treasures rich and rare.

I know that deep inside my heart
the Truth resides for sure.
Reality is rooted there
It's simple and it's pure.

In sweet humility I bow;
My knee will slowly bend
and thank our dear Creator God
For Sister Moon, my friend.


D. Ames - December 12, 2001


poetry by Dianne Ames

MIDI - "Star Keeper" by Elan Michaels - used with permission.
Please visit his inspirational web site.