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I came back from my days off & saw a note on the podium calling for extras for this movie starring Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone. I was already 2 days behind the announcement but I went down to the casting office anyway. They signed me up. I was in 3 or 4 scenes. The first scene was where DeNiro first lays eyes on "Ginger" (Sharon Stone) at the craps table. She is caught stealing from a player, and throws a tray of cheques up in the air. I was standing right behind DeNiro, like a potted plant, holding my fake drink. We did about 25 takes so I stood that close to him for about 11 hours. I had someone give me one of the chips on the floor. Took it home, glued a magnet on it. It's on my fridge.

Here is a link to my pay stubs. We extras got paid $50 for a day, which could last 12-14 hours. If you said one word, you got paid SAG scale, which was hundreds of $ per day. After this gig and "Showgirls", they called me to do pool scenes and episodes for some TV show I didn't like ("Super Dave"). Rather than saying "No" too often to the casting agency, I just removed my name from the roster.  I mean, once you've done DeNiro, it's all pretty much down hill from there.   heh, heh
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I got called as an extra for this movie in '95. The first scene was a halloween party. I figured, why cover up your face with a mask (like the other extras did) if you want to get noticed for future acting work? So I got dolled up in a big blond curly wig and freckles, plaid shirt & overalls - like a country girl - and boogied on down to the set. It was fun. The next scene was me & a dude walking past the front entrance of the Stardust hotel carrying suit cases. They didn't have a prop for me so we borrowed a REAL suit case from some tourist hanging around. My suitcase felt like it weighed 50 pounds while the dude walking with me was toting this empty, light-as-a-feather prop. We did take after take & my arms started to ache. I wore a bright red satin cap so you could see me. The third scene I was in - I drove my car by the hotel. I got $20 extra for using my car. This really was a crap movie - but has become some sort of cult classic. Gosh, I love show biz!

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I first met these guys in 1986 when I had just come to Vegas for a weekend, or so I thought. Never dreamed I'd end up living here for almost 20 years. These guys were the most popular local Vegas house band at that time. They played at the Maxim on Flaminigo Road. They also played at the Silver Slipper. Over the years they made the rounds to several casino lounges. The room was always packed. Those were the days of the Pointer Sisters, Patti LaBelle (who I saw in concert at Caesar's Palace) and Whitney Houston. Gosh .. so many fun times and memories.

I got to know Cook E. Jarr & the Krumbs pretty well over the years. Part of the 21 pit at the Sahara faced the lounge & stage so if you got assigned to one of those tables, you could watch the show, and sometimes the performer came to your table & interacted with you. Cook E. Jarr liked to do this with me. He'd sing to me; we'd flirt. It broke up the stress on my shift.

After the millenium, this narcissistic pr**k Dwayne something or other (Italian guy) aka. Cook E. Jarr, took the backup tapes and dumped his bandmates to go solo & keep all the money for himself. He stiffed them as he was known to do with waiters at 4-star restaurants, too. Tourists party hearty to him, but those who knew him didn't have much good to say about him. Like many other performers, you love the act but despise the person.

Here are pics from those raucous days!




I had bright red hair back then and always looked glam 'cuz that's how you made the best money as a dealer. Rich saw me and made a bee line over to my table to get acquainted. I liked him well enough, but he had just broken up with Melinda, a blond Magic Show girl who left him moping with a broken heart. They also had some drama over a hidden video camera in his bedroom. I saw the red recording light when I was with him, but could never find the camera. I got to tour his mansion & indoor movie theater along with his Hollywood memorabilia. That was cool. After we quit dating, if I asked him for comps to his show for my friends, he always gave them to me. I have to count him as a good guy for that.
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I can't remember how I met this little troll. Maybe at the back bar of the Hilton where I liked to go after hours. I'd just plant myself there and see if magic would happen. Never know. Maybe some high roller would invite you to gamble with him just for company. Or you might meet entertainers who also liked to hang out there. Those things happened to me a lot. OK - so I end up having dinner with Jackie Mason & his manager. I'm looking at dried up hair dye on his forehead, and listening to this wretched little man talk about nothing for an hour or two. I knew he was hoping I'd go to his room with him. To sort of test him out, I told him that some old family friends were coming to town & asked if he would give me 2 comps to his show for them. He said, "They're your friends, not mine. They can pay like everyone else." Wow. So that's the kind of asshole he is. After dinner, we ended up in the gift shop. He never offered to buy me a single thing. When I said I was going home, he said, "You mean you're not attracted to me?" I said, "Not in the least - see ya." Ewww. I just wanted to take a shower and get his nasty energy off me!

Here's a pic -- you be the judge whether he's a troll or not.



I was ambivalent about Judy's talent, but I love entertainers. I was doing some sewing & designing at that time. One of my projects was a collection of g-strings, including glow-in-the-dark variety and his & hers silver lamme' sets. Judy T. did fat jokes, so I decided to make her a giant g-string. One night I saw her outside the show room at the Sahara on my day off. I gave her this mondo thing and shocked her, which was fun because most of her schtick was shock gags.

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I think I met Sergio on my day off, catching his show in the lounge. One weekend I invited my daughter to town and we both went out for drinks with him after a show. We were at my favorite intimate little after hours place, the Peppermill, which was mostly patronized by locals & show people. As we sat there with our drinks, I know what fantasies were racing in his head, but he really was kind of a dick with a big ego and didn't deserve us as his "date". The more time dragged on, the more we were turned off & bored with him. He was just one of the lounge performers I hung out with.

You'd be surprised how many show biz people are the life of the party on stage, then when the show is over, they turn into schmucks or antisocial weirdos.

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I met Judy through a web client around 2003 or so. They were diving buddies in SoCal. She is veddy British and has a same-sex partner. Judy is extremely fit and outdoorsey.

Judy played the lead role, Barbara, in the cult horror classic, Night of the Living Dead.

I have done a couple evolutions of her website for her. Check it out if you have time.



After my shift at the Sahara (in the 90's) one night, I saw Frank sitting at the front bar so I sat next to him & struck up a convo. He was so cool. We hit it off right away. Went to his room and had a blast. What a fun guy. And sensitive and sincere. We dated for a short time. One night I was to meet him for dinner at Vegas World after his show. I sat with a couple of his friends and after a while asked what was taking him so long. They said he was upstairs in his room brooding because he didn't think he did a very good job. But I have fond memories of that guy. Really sweet, he was one of my favorite dates.

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And then there's James Brown. This is the short version of that story - I could go on for hours talking about my time with him.

One night at work a dickhead pit poss who liked to bust my chops, banished me to the Big 6 wheel which was located at the front end of the 21 pit. It's a game none of us liked. It was so boring - like standing in the corner with a dunce cap on. There was little to no supervision for this game, so you could get away with stuff llike chatting with customers and giving out your phone number or making plans to meet up after work - all punishable offenses that could get you fired at a regular blackjack table, especially if it was high limit action. I saw James and his enterage coming toward me & called him over. He took one look at me and had a sense of destiny. He knew we'd be together. I didn't. But I ended up not only dating him, I moved to Georgia & lived with him, toured Europe with him, sang in the show, and almost married him. What an experience.

We did a cameo shot in Dick Clark's Son Duane's movie called "Soul Mates" ... here's a clip.

Here is the one picture James picked out for me as a keepsake. He signed it, "Hey, I love & - to 'Di' from James."

You can see my photo album here.


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