Why 4 stars?

Four stars were chosen to honor the four directions and the blessings they bring to us. We love, respect, and appreciate all the beauty and wonder that has been created for our habitat on Planet Earth. When our eyes are opened to see even a portion of the bounty that our loving Creator has placed here for our sustenance and pleasure, we then cannot help but sense a deep connection to "maka sitomni" - the things under our feet, the things around us, above us, and within us - and to know in the core of our being that they all converge in some marvelous place that is the very heart and essence of our Creator him/her-self.

. . . . . . . .

We also honor the other universal cosmic mathematical significances of the number four. They are too many to explain here and now, but are worthy of a little research and exploration, in order to enlarge our awareness and appreciation for the amazing cleverness of Creator of this vast and marvelous universe in which we live. When we come to know our world, we will want to give love, respect, and proper stewardship to this precious gift.  Namasté - Mitakuye oyasin - Aho!


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